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Address: 21, Unirii Blvd.
Phone: +40 727 373 799
E-mail: office@eurocars.ro; eurocars.romania@gmail.com
Web: www.eurocars. read more

Address: 9, Bihor St.,
Phone: +40 21 318 53 95
E-mail: office@emerald-auto.ro read more

Of all the transport types in Bucharest, the RATB bus network is the most extensive. In fact, RATB’s advertisements state that one can never be further away than five minutes walking distance from a read more

The local transportation company, RATB runs street-level transportation in Bucharest, which consists of an extensive network of buses, trolleybuses and trams. read more

Parking is one of the biggest infrastructure issues in Bucharest. While most office buildings and shopping centres in Bucharest have large enough parking lots, the municipality itself does not offer read more

Autogara DIEGO
Address: 2K, Splaiul Independentei St.
Phone: +40 21 311 12 83

Autogara Filaret
Address: 1, Piata Garii Filaret St.
Phone: read more

For those of you who have brought along your four-legged family members (or any other pets, for that matter), you may have concerns about how they are transported back and forth between countries. read more

The operational airport of Bucharest is now Otopeni airport (OTP) located north of the Bucharest metropolitan area, in the town of Otopeni, Ilfov. read more

Biking in Bucharest

Even though two years ago Bucharest did not seem to be the place for biking, the city has positively changed in this sense. read more

This is a relatively cheap service in Bucharest; you can also have the interior cleaned, but check out prices for exterior and interior before you have it washed. read more

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