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By Oana Pascu

There are many things I like about Romania, but the one I like the most is that it has so many tourist attractions that are not yet known. read more


The Muddy Volcanoes, 12 kilometers from Berca, are a unique natural phenomenon. Gas from 3,000 meters underground pushes water and clay to the surface. read more

Bike tourism is an upcoming sport in Buzău county. Besides the 140 km Dealu Mare Cycling route, several one-day mountain bike trails are waiting to be discovered,  e.g. read more

Over the last few years, Buzău has become the European mecca for motocross, enduro and off-road car aficionados. read more

Few know Buzău is located at the same latitude as Piedmont in Italy, which makes it ideal for truffle hunting. Truffles can be found  in Buzău  forests  between  June  and January. read more

Dealu Mare is one of the most beautiful wine-growing districts in Romania and said to be the “Tuscany” of Romania. read more

The  cave  churches  and  settlements  of Buzău  are  no  less than the cradle of Christianity on Romanian territory — a mystical place full of legends and a cultural treasure amidst read more